To qualify as a full member to SAASOA, a company must conduct business within the Republic of South Africa as follows:

Ship Operators

All shipping lines (who may, in the case of foreign ship owners, be represented by their local Agents or Representatives, who must be a member of the Association), whose vessels use one or more ports in the Republic of South Africa.

Ships Agents

Firms, partnerships, companies, close corporations and any other juristic personalities conducting business as ships’ agents, that are –

  • duly registered as such, at the time of application, and have obtained the necessary experience in the profession by being actively engaged in business for a minimum period of three months before application for membership is made;
  • be of good standing and able to demonstrate good reputation and competence by the provision of, inter alia, such references as may be required by the Board of Directors from time to time;
  • in the case of a corporate entity, employ such persons professionally qualified to ensure the proper performance of the entity’s function as an agent, which requirements may be varied or waived, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, from time to time.

SAASOA Membership Application Process

Each application is made on the prescribed form and shall be proposed and seconded by two different existing SAASOA member companies, which have been SAASOA members for one year or more. The Regional Chapter Committee will consider all such applications and make its recommendations to the Membership Committee for a decision, which will pass on such applications together with its recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval or rejection.

Download the SAASOA Membership Application Form